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I am on a mission to help people to better understand their horse and increase horse and rider relationship through understanding principle concepts of horsemanship. I don’t believe we need harsh bits or mechanical devices like martingales and draw reins. All we need is a better understanding of the horse and how to communicate with them and an understanding of true leadership.

My father once told me that it’s not just what you believe, it’s why you believe it. I believe this to be true and this is why I am more interested in teaching why then how in horsemanship. No horse is the same and you will need to be equipped with more then a method, but with a solid understanding of the horse so you can better communicate what you are wanting from them.

Horsemanship Is Leadership

What is a leader? Someone who is willingly followed. It has absolutely nothing to do with a position of authority or a social status. It also has nothing to do with what we can get but leadership has far more to do with connection trust and what we can give. I believe leadership is an important part of every family, community, and organization and to communicate effectively with our horses. Being a good leader for your horse takes confidence, humility, trust, patience, perseverance, empathy, respect, kind firmness, confident softness and putting self interest aside for what is best for the horse. This is why I have had no better teacher of leadership then the many horses I have had the privilege to work with.