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Mik offers a variety of clinics from basic to advanced and works with multiple disciplines across the Western and English riding world.  All clinics are also open to all breeds of horses and also include donkeys and mules.


Horsemanship 1

The goal of horsemanship 1 is to establish leadership and communication on the ground between you and your horse. This class will focus on preparing a horse with confidence and willingness to work for you on the ground, and gives the horse a foundation to do advanced training and equips the horse and owner with the tools to solve behavior problems. Horsemanship 1 is great for the young horse before it gets started under saddle. This class is a prerequisite for Horsemanship 2.


Horsemanship 2

In this class we will work on a foundation for your horses under saddle work. It will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take the next step in advanced training with your horse. The goal of this class is to have a solid under saddle foundation on our horse and to end with a soft and willing partner in our equine friend. 


Body Control

In Body control we will use your horses foundation to get your horse what mik would call "broke!"  You will work on isolating softness and control to different parts of the horses body giving you everything you need to go into discipline specific training or to fill in gaps in your advanced training. You will be working on hip, rib cage, shoulder, head/neck control, self carriage.


Mechanical Cow

This clinic is to learn the fundamentals of cutting and tracking cattle. It will be open to any horse with the tools to start working the flag. Our goal is to work on the horse and rider to build confidence in the flag and maneuvers involved in working the flag, and to build a conditioned response from your horse to the flag.


Work with your horse on overcoming obstacles and building their confidence. This is a fun clinic for everyone and very beneficial for all horses weather they are normal out on the trail or in the show pen. This clinic is open for everyone and is even great for young horses to build confidence in their handler before being started under saddle. obstacles range from easy to very difficult so there is always something to challenge your horse.



Problem Solving

 In this clinic we will be working on the problems you are having on your horse from something as major as bolting, bucking, rearing, or even something simple like figuring out how to get your horse to stop or back up. We will look into finding the root of the problem as apposed to just masking symptoms of other major issues.